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Tidy Tile Ceiling Cleaning is an economical, cost effective way to improve the appearance of your business or office.

What Makes Ceilings and Walls Dirty?
   Airborne dirt, grease, smoke, nicotine and bacteria form a film that reaches deep into the pore of your tiles. The unique solution we use is absorbed deep into tiles where its emulsifier's, surfactants and disinfectants break down the dirt film into microdust particles. These invisible particles then evaporate in the air.

Cleans Most Surfaces Fast and Effective!
    Our cleaning formula is a biodegradable, nontoxic, nonflammable, detergent based solution which is safe for use around carpets, draperies and upholstered furniture. This solution will clean most types of ceiling and wall surfaces including porous and non-pourous, acoutsical and non-acoustical, enamel and latex paint, stucco, popcorn and most types of wallpaper.

    Cleaning your ceiling is cost effective and can be done for about 20% of the cost of replacement and 50% the cost of painting. Without the mess and interruption of your business. Painting tiles is not only messy, but it destroys the acoustical value and can alter the fire rating as well.

Other Benefits of Ceiling Cleaning

  • Dirty ceilings can reduce the amount of light transmitted by as much as 10%. Cleaning ceilings and walls also makes carpet appear brighter and hard wood floor surfaces shinier.

  • Cleaning ceilings and walls frequently has health benefits. Outbreaks of unusually widespread illnesses among occupants of the same building have been traced to the organisms in ceiling tile.

  • Microorganisms grow in the ceiling and wall surfaces. Odors can be removed by cleaning the ceilings. When the fatty and amino acids are removed, so are the source of odors. Cleaning sanitizes the surface.

  • Clean ceilings are a must for the food preparation industry. Health departments have shut down restaurants due to dirty ceilings. Mold and mildew spores need to be removed, not just masked.

  • People are less productive in dull looking work areas. Cleaning improves the transmission of light, and improved lighting has a bottom line effect on productivity.

See the difference!   We clean your ceilings at night, or around your schedule so there is virtually no disruption to your company's normal business cycle or schedule.

   Tidy Tile is now serving customers throughout Western New York. As an alternative to painting, coating or replacing, our process retains the acoustical characteristics and fire retardant nature of your ceiling at cost savings up to 80%.

   Please take a few moments over the next few days to look up at your ceiling. Accumulations of dirt and dust particles around ventilation air ducts are a common problem for many buildings today. Dirt on your ceiling can detract from the appearance of your business. This unsightly maintenance problem can now be solved by calling Tidy Tile. We will clean tiles around air ducts or an entire ceiling.

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